Danee Hazama, photographeDanee is a professional still/film photographer based in Tahiti During his schooling at
the University, he studied photography as an art form and later apprenticed with top
level Los Angeles photographers. Since 1984, the artist has been shooting internationally for prestigious clients. With years of shooting on land, in the air or in the sea he captures best the mood or feeling of the subject. He specializes in culture, exploration, commercialism, landscape, ships and people. His experience as a world traveller, has allowed him to sense a different artistic approach the image. His passion is his work and work is his passion.

Danee humbly received an award as Adventurer of the Year in 2013 by the Adventures’ Club of Los Angeles. The award was in recognition for his 3 year field study documenting the Indigenous Tribes of Taiwan that have similarities with Pacific Culture and sailing across the Pacific in a traditional style Polynesian voyaging canoe using non instrument star navigation. He recently was a speaker on TV program TEDx (Technology, Entertainment, Development) on the topic of One Big Family and Carnival Cruises. He was the project photographer for the UNESCO World Heritage site at the Marae Taputapuatea complex in Raiatea, 2014. Danee was also honored to be selected as one of Air Tahiti Nui’s, Ambassadors of Tahiti and a Tahiti Nui Explorer.

Expositions and Projects

Curator – Tahiti Nui Explorers, Exploring the Polynesian Triangle and Beyond Exposition, Tahiti Museum for Air Tahiti Nui

Te Manava Vaka Festival, Rarotonga , Cook Islands Curator – Photographic Exposition on Voyaging at The Cook Island National Museum.

Okinawa Museum film Documentary-Pacific Cultures GREAT NAVIGATORS film – helped shoot film and stills in Tahiti and in Rarotonga for UMI Production. Pacific cultural images on display at the Oceanic Museum.

TAIWAN, NOS ANCESTRES? Photo exposition culturally linking the Taiwan Indigenous with Polynesia- Museum of Tahiti

National Geographic – THE LOST CONTINENT of the PACIFIC Helped film, shoot stills and coordination for Wildlife Production.


Mobile : (689) 87 79 09 22

Email : tahitidanee [at] gmail. com

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/danee.hazama